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Host your Nature Retreats, Group Events and Private Ceremonies at the Emerald Vale

Discover the enchantment of Emerald Vale, a sanctuary nestled in the wild heart of the Brecon Beacons...


Where ancient woodlands whisper and waters nymphs dance. Here, your group can experience a transformative journey, connecting deeply with Nature, Spirit, and Each Other. Within the Vale there is the Ancient Yew Tree, River of Stars, Elven Grove, Faery Waterfall and Emerald Forest.

From Sacred Fire Ceremonies under the stars to mystical encounters with nature spirits and rejuvenating swims in crystal-clear mountain rivers, Emerald Vale offers a unique backdrop for retreats, workshops, and gatherings.


 Let Emerald Vale be the canvas for your next private event, where every moment becomes a memory, and every experience opens the door to a deeper connection with the essence of life itself.


Explore the Sacred, Awaken the Soul,

and Celebrate the Magic of the Natural World

What your Group can experience at The Emerald Vale...

Forest Bathing

Walk with the trees and mossy earth. Forest bathing that nourishes the soul and intertwines your spirit with the ancient rhythms of nature.


Sacred Fires

By the sacred fire, hearts unite and spirits soar. A ceremony of light to kindle inner transformation and communal harmony.


Wild Swimming

Plunge into the purity of mountain waters, where being in the river is a journey towards inner clarity. Wild swimming that awakens the senses and revitalizes the soul amidst nature's untouched beauty.


Under the stars, closer to the emerald heart:

Wild Camping that awakens the soul and connects us to the healing of the earth.

Wild Camping

Beneath the canopy of stars, find freedom in the wild, where the earth speaks and the soul listens. Wild camping that reconnects you with nature's primal beauty and the simplicity of being.


Trails and Hiking

Ascend the trails and mountains to discover vistas of the soul, where every step is an exploration of self and the sublime. Hiking that challenges the body, frees the mind, and elevates the spirit amidst breathtaking landscapes.


Workshop Space

There are multiple spaces at the Emerald Vale to lead workshops and ceremonies. From Yoga, Dance, Fitness, to breathwork. You will find the perfect space to lead your group experiences.


Rooted together in nature's embrace, where every connection deepens our bond with  each other

Emerald Vale Booking Info

Self Guided & Contained

Prices are dependent on the type of event that you are creating and duration

(Recommend for Groups looking for a Venue to lead their retreats, ceremonies or experiences)

The group leader should arrive early.

We will introduce you to the Land and Areas at the Vale.


The rest of the day is held by the facilitator(s).

- You will be provided with a radio for emergency communications to us

- Price includes wood needs for a sacred fire

We Help Assist & Guide

£ 555 per day

(Recommend for Groups looking for a venue and would also like to have

Guided Experiences / Ceremonies)

The group will arrive at the same time and we will facilitate and guide the day.

We will work with your group to select the ceremonies, experiences, and activities you are most excited to be apart of..

(Fire Ceremony, Mountain Hike,

Guided Meditation, Ect)

- Price Includes all ceremony supplies (Flowers, Offerings, Fire Wood, Ect)

For Day Bookings : Check in is 9:30am / Check out 6pm

For Multi Day Bookings : Check in is 9:30am / Check out is 11am the next day

*Land must be returned in the same condition it was found in,

or a restoration fee will be charged

*Price also includes wood for the Fire Ceremonies

 *There are no Accommodation or Bathroom Facilities,

Camping and Toilets are Wild!

*The land is Safe but Wild. We are not responsible for any injuries or damage to personal belongings while on site. Please come prepared and with proper gear for outdoor wilderness and re-wilding experiences. 

Email to make a booking!

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