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Emerald Vale Retreats

Nature Immersions and Sacred Site Pilgrimages

based in Wales, UK

Experience an Ancient and Enchanting Wilderness Journey... 

We are honored to welcome you to Emerald Vale Retreats. The Vale is located within a secluded off-grid forest valley nestled within Wales’ Brecon Beacons National Park. Located 1200 feet up surrounded by the wild beauty and crystalline waters of the Black Mountains. We offer uniquely designed retreats and pilgrimages that allow you to experience the land in a way that is magically inspiring and deeply nourishing for the soul. Through guided nature immersions, educational wisdom, elemental journeys and ceremonial experiences.


Disconnect to Reconnect...

Nature Immersions

Be nourished by nature through experiencing the green path to the soul and earthing practices designed to help ground and connect you back to Gaia...

  • Forest Bathing

  • Barefoot Walking

  • Moss Relaxation

  • Connecting with Trees

  • Wild Swimming

  • Waterfall Adventures

  • Guided Nature Walks


Wisdom of the Land

Expand your relationship, knowledge and understanding of the land through different teachings...

  • Druid & Celtic Mysteries

  • Tree Magic

  • Wheel of the Year

  • Plant Wisdom

  • Sacred Site Teachings

  • Foraging

  • History

  • Welsh Mythology


Ceremonies and Rituals

You will be led through guided ceremonies and rituals designed to elevate your spirit, open your heart and unify with the healing power of nature...

  • Blue Lotus & Cacao Ceremony

  • Guided Meditations & Breathwork

  • Sound & Energy Healing

  • Elemental Journeys

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Earth-based Spirituality

  • Water Blessing


Rewild, Replenish, Restore...

Feeling the call of the Emerald Vale?

Private Retreats


Individuals - Couples - Small Groups

1 - 2 days 

Upcoming Group Events


Emerald Vale Spring

Equinox Retreat

23rd March 2024



Alize & Oliver

They are a beloved couple who serve as Vale Keepers and Land Stewards of the Emerald Vale. Together they reweave a forgotten connection to western spirituality. Guiding you back to yourself through the mystical inner realms of the earth and green path to the soul. They lead people on elemental adventures helping them receive from the healing powers of nature and form a relationship with the wisdom of the land. 

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